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About Us

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connect-cape-townConnect Network was founded in 2004 to provide a platform for collaborative action and network support for Christians serving women and children at risk. Connect Network facilitates the networking of NGOs, churches and individuals, to enhance and maximize the response to women and children at risk. NGOs support each other through structured networking, and by harnessing resources for maximum impact. People working with vulnerable children often find themselves isolated, under-resourced and under-trained.

Connect Network has identified a critical need for systematic training and to increase the capacity and quality of service delivery to children at risk. The Connect Network affiliates strengthen and equip themselves, using the Quality Improvement System (QIS), which places children at the centre of attention for building sound structures and systems.

Connect Network is working in partnership with Viva an international organisation which seeks to build the capacity of networks to provide better quality care to children at risk -

Our Logo

connect-logo-smallConnect Network is steadfast in its devotion to protecting children at risk and ensuring that they can experience quality care and nurturing relationships. With this in mind our logo represents: a mother with her arms around two children, 2 pregnant girls back to back and a butterfly.